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Screendance, videodance, dancefilm, cinedance, dance for camera, choreofilm, choreography for camera...


The synergy between dance and cinema/video creates a hybrid genre which has yet to be assigned a specific name but knows very well its way to express.

In dancefilm, the movement is primary for expressing an idea or a story, rather than dialogue or music. Quite often, the choreography exists only for the cinema or the video. It could be said that the dance uses cinematographic and editing techniques to add more signification layers to the artwork.

With headquarters in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Spain), PlatArtístic is an initiative focused in promoting and sensitize mainly about dancefilm. Driven by Eva CamposSpring Dancefilm Festival is our main activity because we want to contribute to this genre by helping with the digital distribution of dancefilms. Also, by creating new dance-related projects with other entities, and why not, making our own little and local productions!

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And thanks all people that helped us to make possible this festival.

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